Here's what it takes to obtain a private pilot's license:
At least 40 hours of total flight time including:
• 20 hours of dual instruction including at least--
- 3 hours of cross country
- 3 hours of night flying
- 3 hours within 60 days of practical test
- 10 takeoffs and landings at night
- 3 hours of instrument training

• 10 hours of solo flight time including:
- 5 hours of cross country flights
- 3 solo takeoffs and landings at a controlled field
• Pass the FAA medical physical
• Pass the private pilot written test
• Pass the private pilot practical test
We offer flight training for both single and twin engine aircraft plus instrument and commercial licenses. We use the Cessna 150 and 172 for primary training. We have all of the pilot supplies you need including logbooks, charts and much more. The hourly rate for the Cessna 150 is $90 per flight hr and our instructor fee is $50 per hour.